100% Cloud Based

Being totally cloud based make this threat protection fast and reliable. There are no definitions to update, no proxy server to install or configure and totally customisable so we can restrict and allow access to sites via policy just for your businesses requirements.

Stop Ransomware At The Click

Stop ransomware in its tracks, the number one threat to your computer network .. on-premises or in the cloud. Now you don’t need to train staff to look out for particular emails. Know that if ransomware tries to install, our web filter will block 99.9% of threats.

Cloud Key Override

If you browse a website that you feel you need access to temporarily or is mistakenly blocked by our web filter. You can contact your IT/Practice Manager to give you access to that website momentarily so you can go on with your work.

New Filters Added Hourly

With new threat happening by the second around the world, our system adapts to trends and behaviors to ensure your computer network is always protected. As people and devices report spam around the world, our spam filter will be updated hourly.

Protect your internet browsing using a secure web guard technology

These days browsing the internet can be more unsafe then going for a walk, you don’t know whats going to happen at your next click. Trying to second guess what you are doing at every click removes productivity from what you should be doing on a daily basis. Malicious software developers are finding way to trick people into clicking on what looks like important links to get them to download malware onto their computer system.

Once downloaded, they take over your system, encrypt your files and sometimes change passwords on your computer so you can’t gain access. They then demand a ransome in the value of bitcoin to decrypt your files once they have your payment. Website Intelligent Threat Protection will stop ransomware in its tracks.


Yes having a virus solution in place is great, but sometimes already too late. If you are going to rely on your anti-virus/spy/malware software to stop the spread of malware, you would like to hope your virus definitions are up-to-date, because if not its already to late. You need a system that is going to stop the infection before it get to your computer.


Why use Website Intelligent Threat Protection?

Website Intelligent Threat Protection is the last level of defence for your computer network. As much as having an anti-virus solution in place can trap malware as it executes, we have found prevention is better than try to cure the issue.

WITP will bring the following additional security to your network:

  • trying to remove malicious software and viruses which is a task that only has 50% success rate

  • hourly definition updates in the cloud

  • protect your number one investment, your data and computer networks reliability

  • no loss of performance when using web filter, all processing is done in the cloud in real-time

  • Very simple and easy to deploy and manage

  • no need to download virus/spam definitions daily to have the latest security update

  • policy driven so we build a policy for your businesses specific requirements

  • cloud key override for IT/Practice/Office Manager to use to override protection

  • protection against rapidly growing internet attacker, hackers and malicious software developers

A well planned web filtering solution with an expert level approach, will provide the additional security your IT infrastructure and system security your business can trust and rely on.

Download our Threat Management Brochure

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