CCTV camera solutions today have been the single way to deter people from entering your premises. Over the years, camera’s and the technology used to connect the video recorders used are just getting much better.

With a new era of cloud computing, it not surprising that CCTV is now moving into the area of I.T., so it makes sense to start looking for a more I.T. based security solution.

We have been working on the camera security solutions segment for some years now, and have decided to bring our spin of CCTV solutions to the mainstream. 

With the changes in the world over the last few months, implementing a security solution is easy. Find the right security solution that can notify of events within your property is another ball game. With our security system, you can be notified via email when certain perimeters of your security is being breached. So you can have a real-time view of what’s happening at your property.

With both on-premises, cloud and multi-site CCTV camera solutions available, we can implement endless ways of making your system function and allow you to have total visibility. It is time to outsmart criminals trying to evade your security system. 



With up to UHD (ultra high-definition) camera available, we can stream and record at resolutions up to 4K at 3840 x 2160. With the highest detail possible to ensure the clarity of your security system.


Access your CCTV system in real-time, no delayed playback. What you see is exact what is happen in that zone to within 2 seconds. We can even addition real-time notifications when a camera goes offline.


An app for every platform .. on the desktop, Windows, macOS, Linux and mobile platform iOS and Android, this is the most comprehensive open platform for CCTV security on the market.


With cameras that are enabled for motion detection you can ensure that your recorded streams are just what has changed in the zone. No more having to watch hours of video to see a 30 second snip-it.


With supporting cameras, you can tilt and zoom into different angles to have complete control of specific cameras. Mix and match cameras that do and don’t have PTZ to secure specific zones.


With event playback at your fingertips, you can use the desktop or even the mobile app to connect to your NVR camera system, select a camera and playback or quickly scroll through a event feed.


Night vision being the one feature most important to all CCTV systems, with our range of IP cameras, we have up to 30 metres of crisp night vision, allowing you to see everything on low light.


Be notified when a zone perimeter has been breached. Receive an email notification instantly with a link to the live stream, so your most important zones are always monitored.


With a multi-site CCTV camera system, you have the ability to connect multiple sites together across one NVR solution. This allows you to monitor multiple locations at once in real-time, while giving you the security that the NVR is not located at the same site as the cameras.

With specific routing and private WAN functionality embedded into the backend of your network, you have the peace of mind knowing that your site is monitored and cannot lose visibility. Most CCTV systems do not have a fail-over solution in place and without it, your CCTV security model is rendered useless.

The additional features a multi-site CCTV system provides:

  • a CCTV build entirely on a cloud platform, and connected through a secluded datacentre, somewhere in the world,

  • cloud-based, so you cannot lose and have any evidence removed from your premises by criminals trying to remove the video recorder,

  • a multi-site cloud WAN solution to allow for multiple internet services and fail-over to satellite or 4/5G internet,

  • instant notifications via email, with an embedded link to give real-time live streaming of when certain zones have been breached or taken offline.

Combining these four services, into a purpose-built CCTV camera solution, helps deters criminals from even attempting to enter your premises. Most criminals look for typical places with video recorders are located and attempt to remove them, removing any evidence that they were there.

Your business will achieve a new level of security, that most businesses don’t realise it is cost-effective and achievable, using new technology and functionality available to information technology services providers.

multi-site cctv camera system solution
open source cctv technology


Open-source software and systems have their advantages, first and foremost being an open community project, unlike closed proprietary software systems that lack  innovation. We have been working with this platform for over 3-4 years. We have been testing different camera technology, different specifications of hardware, and tested it in our own cloud-based datacentre.

In fact, most some of the biggest technology companies use the very same underlying operating system as a base for their platforms. Most virtualisation platforms, Apple, Samsung, most smartphones just to name a few, use the base operating system as their underlying operating system. This is because it’s open-source and the can add their spin to it. But also implement changes that have been implemented by other developers around the world.

Some of the advantages, which stand out are:

  1. global support base, meaning that there are developers worldwide working on enhancing the platform,

  2. built on operating systems that are so lightweight that they can run on any computer and hardware released over the last 5-6 years,

  3. further enhancements by our internal security and software development team to give the system additional functionality (ie: facial and number plate recognition),

  4. major updates can be automatically rolled out over the internet within minutes,

  5. backup of your existing settings are backed up to our cloud-based servers in our secluded datacentre,

  6. very lightweight, doesn’t require a lot of high-performance system specifications as it can run on a raspberry pi2/3/4 as a basic system.

By using this CCTV security system, allows your business to be protected by something completely different. A system that cannot be easily tampered with as most failsafe and countermeasures have already been implemented allowing for your business to be protected at the next level.


97% of CCTV camera security systems are based around a set of cameras connected to a box somewhere on your premises. This traditional style of CCTV systems, give criminals an easy way to locate as they are connected to a place where there is a TV or monitor flicking through feeds of cameras.

The biggest mistake most people make is put this DVR/NVR in a place where everyone can see it, so it deters criminals from even contemplating entering your premises. Most criminals go to this DVR/NVR and unplug it so there is no evidence of them being there. So why not make it difficult or harder for criminals or even better catch them in the act. Using computer and networking technology, we can build a state of the art camera solution to meet all your requirements. These are:

  1. a system that is built on a platform based around I.T. security, this is an area most criminals are really not proficient in,

  2. limit the visibility of the actual solution, being an NVR running on a computer network, this hardware is best located in a cabinet or some secluded location where only you the business owner knows,

  3. as much as on-premises is good, the cloud is better but hybrid-cloud is the best of both worlds, this allows for fail-over when something happens at your premises. We can even keep the cameras running with the power off for a period of time.

With our on-premises NVR CCTV systems, your cameras connect to your computer network like your computers, printers, and IP phones do. This allows us to connect the NVR anywhere on your premises, makes it next to impossible for a criminal entering your premises to find it.

With a cloud-based CCTV system, you have the peace of mind that your NVR is not located at your premises. That the NVR is secure in a remote datacentre and only you and your I.T. support partner will know where your NVR is located for management purposes.

With a hybrid-cloud CCTV system, you have the best of both worlds, where you have your on-premises NVR system, but also have a cloud-based NVR also. This give you additional fail-over so when your on-site NVR fails or is disconnected/removed, automatically your cameras will connect to your fail-over NVR system.

on-premises cloud hybrid-cloud solutions


With a worldwide support team in place, we have found over the years of working with clients especially with cloud-based computing solutions, not everything can be done during business hours in a timezone.

We train and work with the best engineers around the world. We are a cloud computing company with our business model stating we have no geographical boundaries,, like this no matter where you are, what time it is .. you can reach us. We believe our support team should be the same.

With access to our support team 24/7 and from anywhere in the world, you will find someone pretty quickly to act promptly on your support issue.

How we are different with the way we do support?

Here are our top 5 reasons:

  • if it has an IP or network address we can manage  and support it,

  • if it is fixed in under 5 minutes, it’s free – not even logged,

  • we specialise in everything I.T. related to your home or business,

  • we are an integrated service provider, we try to limit the amount of handballing to other teams,

  • all staff speak complex I.T. in your language (simpler terminology),

  • we follow up on everything we do,

  • we are focused on being at the forefront of technology.

Having a dedicated support website and access to everything support in one location, means you do not need to scroll through web pages to find out how to connect with us, simply visit:

Either log a ticket, get on live chat, skype us, connect with us on social media or go the old fashioned way … pick up the phone and call us.