Today if you have a computer, no matter the size, the single most threatening issue in your business next to loss of productivity and downtime, is the cost to restore the stability of your computer network due to malware/ransomware and long term affect it has with your customers due to this irreversible damage.

With a new generation of computing, network security has become the first and foremost priority to securing your data in the cloud. So it makes sense to leave all security solutions at the cloud doorstep and make it the first point of defense, before entering your computer network.

Below are two enterprise threat management solutions. When partnered together, they give you a high end cloud based enterprise grade solution for your email and internet browsing.

Website Intelligent Threat Protection

Worried about ransomwae and your staff being tricked into clicking on a link that looks real but is actually malicious. Our WITP can stop all that in its tracks.

Take the guess work out off your staffs shoulders and know your system is protected from malicious ransomware.

Unifies Email Threat Management

Spam, email phishing, ramsomware .. malware in general is the biggest threat to having a computer system/network. How do you overcome this?

Our smart UETM solution will block 99.9% of spam email and malicious software/links coming into your computer network.

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