30 Day Email Continuity

With our UETM solution we ensure you will never loose an email. you can rest assured knowing, even when your email server goes down, we hold all email and continue to clean, filter and quarantine until your server comes back online.

New Filters Added Hourly

Using specific spam traps, blacklist registers from around the world we are able to detect new spam attacks as they occur and adapt to them instantly. Using our own rule and score based system we can eliminate emails before they come a real threat.

Searchable Quarantine Viewer

Never miss any important emails, even if they are marked as spam. All spam is stored in our smart quarantine and searchable for easy catch and release. Add email addresses to a whitelist so our spam filter wont catch them again.

Tracking Millions Of Emails Daily

Trending emails and senders behaviors are tracked in real-time so we limit the amount of spam to your email inbox. The sender’s reputation is scored during the filtering process, it’s simple if it doesn’t pass it is stored in quarantine.


Safeguard your email system from today's real malware threat ... ransomware.

Gone are the days of virus problems on a floppy disk or USB drive. Today’s real threat is in the form of emails and attachments that we might click on to download. The people who write this malicious software are getting really smart at duplicating email from some suppliers and providers we deal with on a daily basis … so who do we trust.

Ransomware is the first and foremost, the biggest issue with protecting and securing your computer network. Installing software on your email server or desktop computer these days has proven not be enough to prevent this type of malicious software. Unified Email Threat Management stop spam at the cloud dooorstep, before entering your computer network.


It has to come down to the IT systems we have put in place to protect us from these malicious software developers. Preventing ransomware from entering your computer network is always better than trying to cure it afterwards. So, ensuring you have the right systems in place will remove any second guessing whether an email is safe to open or not.


Why use Unified Email Threat Management?

Unified Email Threat Management protects your system in a very practical way, it already filters data before it lands on your system and at its surprising value, it can save your company thousands of dollars in:

  • 30 day email continuity

  • hourly definition updates in the cloud

  • retrieving your many years of accumulated data

  • trying to remove malicious software and viruses which is a task that only has 50% success rate

  • buying anti-virus software that are expensive and can affect system performance

  • using traditional anti-virus software cures the threat, but doesn’t prevent it from entering your system

  • Very simple and easy to deploy and manage

  • no need to download virus/spam definitions daily to have the latest security update

  • identify and block suspicious phishing emails before that reach your inbox

  • protection against rapidly growing internet attackers

A well planned spam filtering solution with an expert level approach, will provide the additional security your IT infrastructure and system security your business can trust and rely on.

Download our Threat Management Brochure

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